Garden parties to keep us under lockdown for longer?

350 police reports have been drawn up across West Flanders Province following violations of corona measures.  Governor Carl Decaluwé says that in the main people are complying with the restrictions in public areas.  Most complaints centre on gatherings in people’s gardens.

“An hour ago we had to clear a barbecue attended by thirty people.  I just don’t get it” says the West Flemish governor.  “After all the public awareness information that has been put out, a small minority are not abiding by the rules. They may be responsible for keeping us under lockdown for a longer period.”

Police in Gistel were alerted to the party at a terrace house, where a large barbecue was underway on Sunday.  Thirty adults and several children were present.  All adults were fined 250 euros for violating the ban on gatherings.  

Police services across the coastal province of West Flanders report good compliance with the rules in public.  Garden parties in fine weather remain the biggest issue, though blustery conditions today and overcast skies should put a damper on that.     

Meanwhile in East Flanders Ghent police are reporting a four-fold increase in illegal gatherings and a three-fold increase in non-essential travel.

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