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National crisis centre issues warning

Belgium’s national crisis centre has a message for the people who are not or no longer complying with corona measures. “The behaviour of all of us together can impact on the situation in a positive or negative fashion.  We must all adopt the right attitude” the centre says.

“Some people feel that they are the victim of the coronavirus because they are limited in their liberties” spokesman Yves Stevens noted.  “At present other victims are fighting for their lives in the intensive care wards of our hospitals.  Despite the efforts of care staff people have sadly also lost the battle against the virus.  They leave families and friends behind with a great feeling of loss. We wish them great strength in processing this immense loss”. 

“The experts have clarified the figures.  Everybody is looking for positive elements, but this is a time to be realistic.  The figures show that the situation is still extremely serious.  This is the hard reality in which we still find ourselves and why we must stick with the measures.”

“We cannot emphasise enough that the behaviour of us all can impact on the situation in a positive or negative way.  The overwhelming majority of the population has made a positive choice and respects the measures.  They receive our sincere thanks.”

“Sadly enough there is a small minority that is pretty relaxed in complying with the measures.  This behaviour meets incomprehension from the people who are assuming their responsibility and for who the measures are not easy.”

“We can only stop the spread of the virus if we all adopt the right, positive attitude.  Persevere, continue the solidarity, stay home and care for yourself and others.”

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