New: experts say coronavirus will change our lives for many months


VRT’s science editor Koen Wauters notes that today is the first occasion that the experts have indicated so clearly that people will have to learn to live with the virus.  Until now the main focus of communication has been on the need to flatten the curve, to get the figures down and allow normal life to resume.  “This will take a very long time.  It’s the first time this has been said so clearly” says Wauters.

“It will take a while for normal life to resume because there is no vaccine and that could take a year to materialise.  There is also a worldwide epidemic.  There is the risk of new cases, even after the worst has passed, e.g. as a result of foreign travel.”

The figures showing hospitalisations are the most objective barometer.  There the fall is clearly visible.  We are seeing the lowest number of hospitalisations since 25 March 2020 i.e. two weeks after the first measures were introduced.  It’s going down gradually.  There is a difficult balance to strike and there is always the risk of a resurgence.”

The need for discipline and following the measures is clear from the rising death toll.  The 4,000 death threshold will probably be trashed on Tuesday.    

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