Workshop checks show 85% of businesses non-compliant with corona regs

Checks carried out on the workshop floor reveal that a staggering 85% of businesses were failing to comply with all the measures introduced to beat corona and put this demon back in its box.

Over the past two weeks labour inspectors visited 328 businesses.  At 280 premises infringements of the regulations were recorded.  In some places employees were unable to keep sufficient distance at work (1.5m in Belgium).  Inspectors issued warnings but also penalties.

“52 employers were instructed to put their house in order” says Green MP Evita Willaert, who requested the figures from PM Wilmès (liberal).  “One police report was drawn up and twenty businesses ordered to close.”

704 checks, two-thirds of the total carried out, were performed at a distance by using a questionnaire.  In 328 cases inspectors attended company properties.

The Greens are calling for more staff and means to allow more workshop floor inspections.

“It seems important to us that more inspectors gain the opportunity to examine in the field whether measures are being complied with, that in addition to the questionnaire, which we also believe is a good initiative.”

The Green Party says offenders are spoiling matters for businesses that comply as they are putting back a speedy restart of business operations.

“People can only return to work when this can happen in safe conditions.  These figures show a lot of work still needs to be done.  We need to be careful sending people back to work.  It’s important for the economy, but our health remains the priority. A restart is only possible when people can be safe at work.”  

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