"121,000 extra test kits for nursing homes"; 10,000 litres of 'Robin Food soup' for the poor

Flemish care homes will have more possibilities to carry out corona tests on residents and staff. Meanwhile, Liège Airport has been chosen by the WHO as a hub to distribute medical equipment. And extra soup will be made for the poor. Here's a list of some corona briefs this Monday. 

  • Flemish nursing homes will have an extra 121,673 corona tests at their disposal soon. This was announced by federal minister Philippe De Backer who is at the helm of the corona task force to counter the corona crisis. The availability of tests is a major problem at present: both staff and residents are often in the dark about whether or not they are carrying the corona virus. There will now be enough tests to check everybody, but this may take up to three weeks. 
  • Vegetables which can't be sold at auctions nowadays, will be used to make soup for the poor. Five social organisations from Flemish Brabant and Brussels have plans to make about 10,000 litres of soup in order not to waste any vegetables, under the label Robin Food. There is a surplus of vegetables at auctions and from regional suppliers due to the corona crisis. In a later stage, there are plans for fruit juice and a vegetable spread. 
  • Liège Airport has been chosen by the World Health organisation (WHO) as a hub for the distribution of medical equipment. The airport in Liège-Bierset is one of only seven airports in the world to take up this function, and the only one in Europe.  
  • The West-Flemish tourism sector has lost an estimated 750 million euros this spring. This was calculated by the tourism agency Westtoer. A campaign will be started to avoid big crowds at the Belgian coast this summer.  
  • Brussels' Atomium honours care workers across Belgium today with a "Thank you" message in our country's three official languages Dutch, French and German.  

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