Economy Minister Hilde Crevits launches new website "" to help farmers

The Flemish Economy and Agriculture Minister Hilde Crevits has launched a new website to find seasonal workers for the harvest: (help the harvest) should help farmers to find enough staff to harvest the vegetables as seasonal workers from abroad hardly find their way to Belgium due to the corona crisis. 

Things will have to go fast. The Flemish employment agency VDAB also helped out farmers and vegetable growers by allowing them to post any vacancies on their website.

The government also decided that those who are out of work and receiving an employment benefit now due to corona, will not lose that benefit completely if they decide to help out on asparagus or strawberry farms or elsewhere. Students are also encouraged to join.

Chris Botterman of the Farmers' Organisation Boerenbond says that "in West Flanders at least 3,000 extra people are needed in the month of April".  

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