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"The figures are improving, the virus is getting tired": experts have good news, but also issue a warning

The Belgian National Crisis Centre has released the latest figures with regard to the corona epidemic: both the number of deaths and new hospitalisations has dropped. However, experts warn that this does not mean we can adapt our behaviour now. They underline it's important to keep a strong grip on the virus. 

  • 262 new deaths were reported over the past 24 hours, virologist Steve Van Gucht said. 90 patients died in hospital, while 171 people died in care homes (however, COVID-19 is not always the main cause of death in many of these cases, they also include the non-confirmed cases). One person passed away elsewhere. Today's total figure is 41 down on the day.  
  • The total number of COVID-19 deaths has reached 4,157 now. About half of these took place in hospitals (confirmed cases), with the other half taking place in nursing homes or old people's homes. Lately, the number of deaths has been higher in care homes. 
  • 242 patients were admitted to hospital, the lowest figure in three weeks' time. 
  • 161 patients were discharged from hospital. The total number of patients in our hospitals has reached 5,536, of which 1,223 are in intensive care, which is 11 down on the day. 
  • The number of confirmed new infections was at 530 yesterday, compared to 942 the day before. Today's number is the lowest in three weeks. However, reporting could be a little down as well, due to the long Easter weekend. 

The figures are improving, the virus is getting tired. It's important that we keep our grip

Virologist Steven Van Gucht

The figures may be improving, but it's not at all behind us, Yves Stevens of the National Crisis Centre told reporters. "The daily figures confront us with the harsh reality each day. There are hopeful signs, but the number of deaths remains very high. Experts will interpret these figures and will issue an advice to the National Security Council." The Security Council will convene tomorrow. 

Stevens added a warning: "Our behaviour determines the way the curve is going and not vice versa. It would be irresponsible if people would make their own interpretation and adapt their behaviour. The downward trend could be reversed quickly."      

Our behaviour determines the way the curve is going and not vice versa

Yves Stevens of the National Crisis Centre

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