Two Belgian companies to start manufacturing millions of mouth masks

Van Heurck and ECA are starting the production of both surgical mouth masks and the professional FFP2 masks. This was announced by the federal minister Philippe De Backer.

In the coming weeks four machines will be installed for this purpose. Each machine can produce 45 million masks per annum. "This equals a capacity of over 180 mouth masks per year, or almost 4 million per week", says De Backer, who is steering the task force to tackle the virus.

If this is necessary, we can supply the whole Belgian population with mouth masks of the best quality. We have already started talks with the post company Bpost for the distribution. We can go fast."

Van Heurck manufactures workwear at present, while ECA makes parts for the interior of cars. In a first stage, Belgium will manufacture surgical mouth masks, and will be able to trade with the Netherlands where they have more FFP2 masks, but are short of the other types at present. "Belgium and the Netherlands will give the right example in Europe by cooperating."

We can set an example within the European Union by cooperating with the Netherlands

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