"COVID-19 infections probably peaked at start of April"

Belgium’s national crisis centre has released fresh figures relating to the corona emergency.  283 people died on Tuesday.  179 deaths were recorded in care centres for the elderly. 103 people died in hospital and there was one death in the community.

The new figures take the death toll in Belgium (confirmed and suspected cases) to 4,440.  51% of deaths occurred in hospital, 46% in care homes.

A further 250 people were admitted to hospital on Tuesday. 239 patients were discharged. In all 7,107 patients have left hospital in better health than when they arrived. 5,524 people are still in hospital with COVID. 1,204 COVID-19 patients are in critical care beds – down 22 on the day.  889 patients are on a ventilator – down 26.

2,454 new infections were confirmed on Tuesday taking the total for the country to 33,573.

During Wednesday’s news conference by the national crisis centre scientists voiced an upbeat note for the first time.  Virologist Steven Van Gucht noted that the peak in the spread of coronavirus was probably at the beginning of April.

“It’s the first time the otherwise oh so cautious scientists sound optimistic” notes VRT health care editor Katty Allaert.

The number of hospital admissions and the number of patients in critical care wards is falling.  However, the number of deaths in care homes for the elderly remains high. Whether the behaviour during the Easter weekend will lead to a resurgence still needs to be seen.

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