Decision today: Belgium expected to extend ‘soft lockdown’

Belgium’s national security council that includes representatives of all the country’s governments meets at 2:30PM.  It is expected to extend the existing corona measures for at least two weeks.  No tightening up of the regulations is anticipated at the minute.

In recent hours scientists and politicians have made it clear people in Belgium will have to continue to limit their movements and maintain distance to stem the spread of coronavirus.  Schools will not reopen after Easter.  Non-food shops and restaurants aren’t reopening just yet. Some relaxations are possible; e.g. the reopening of garden centres.

The security council is expected to shed light on what will happen with music festivals this summer too.

On Monday interior minister De Crem spoke of extension, not a tightening up and urged compliance with the measures that would probably allow us to return to normal life gradually. Scientists too have been stressing the need for compliance amid worries over infringements over Easter that could lead to a new wave of infections in two weeks’ time.

A groups of experts GEES has been preparing an exit strategy from the crisis.  The security council has received their report.  Little is known about it, but the use of mouth masks by the general as restrictions are lifted is being looked at.

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