Christophe Ketels / COMPAGNIE GAGARINE

Burglar rescued from recycle park container

The closure and then reopening of recycle parks has been one of our stories that attracted most interest of late.  Some people can never wait!  But, as we all know, haste is often not a good counsel, and for a gentleman in Leuven, who visited a closed recycle park, his trip proved to be somewhat of a nightmare.

I say ‘gentleman’, but probably this is not appropriate, because we are speaking of a common thief. 

It was around 8AM on Thursday when Leuven fire-fighters received a call alerting them to the fact that their presence was required at a recycle park in the city.  It was the one on the Grauwmeer if you are familiar with Leuven. 

The recycle park had called in the fire service after a member of staff spotted two legs sticking out of the top of one of their containers.  On closer inspection the legs were found to belong to a burglar, who had been stuck in the container for eight hours.

The burglar had wanted to own an electronic appliance lodged deep inside the container.  He stretched as far as he could to try and reach this gem, but fate was not on his side and he got his just deserts: he was stuck with his arms behind his back.  In no way could he now manage to escape and had to wait to be rescued. 

The burglar sustained light injuries during his escapade and had to be rushed to hospital.  He also received two fines: one for theft and a second for flouting the ban on non-essential travel.

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