"Corona crisis will trigger a revival of urban birds"

Certain bird species are thriving because of the corona crisis. "It's especially good news for urban birds", explains Jan Rodts of Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen, the umbrella organisation concerned with birds' welfare. 

Times of corona trigger different habits. This is not always good news for birds: we have seen reports that birds living in open nature are going through rough times. In the Kalkense Meersen (East Flanders) deserted nests of endangered bird species like the godwit were found, as they had been disturbed by increasing numbers of ramblers in times of corona.

However it is good news for other bird species. Urban birds are not suffering as much from traffic noise, which boosts communication. "As a result, it will be easier for them to find a partner and start a family", says Jan Rodts.

Sparrows, wrens, blackheads and black redstarts are said to be better off. "March and April are the top months for birds to find a partner. And this is nog going much better in an urban environment. I expect a revival of urban birds not only in Flanders, buth throughout the world." 

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