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Flemish illustrator's work used in New York streets to tackle corona

The Flemish illustrator Klaas Verplancke has taken part in a New York social distancing campaign to keep the novel corona virus at bay. 

New York is being hit particularly hard by corona, with the lockdown being extended to 15 May. Social distancing is one of the obvious measures , with the message "Save lives, live safe #keepdistance".  

Klaas Verplancke designed some illustrations as part of a billboard campaign (click on the video above to play). One shows two people playing tennis between two different blocks of flats. Verplancke has built a reputation both in Belgium and abroad, and his illustrations were spotted by the Poster House NYC, who asked them to cooperate in the campaign. The work can now be seen on some 18,000 digital boards.

But the strange thing is that maybe not so many people will actually see it, since everybody has been ordered to stay inside as much as possible. "I felt it was my duty as an artist to do something."  

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