The immersive Limburg blossom experience

The Limburg Tourist Board 'Toerisme Limburg' has made a special effort to bring the Limburg blossoms to the people in times of corona. 

April is always the month when the many fruit trees start to blossom, attracting scores of cyclists to the east of Flanders. The lockdown measures made this impossible, but if the day-trippers can't come to Limburg, Limburg will come to the people, the tourist board thought, compiling a video to have people enjoy at least a virtual cycle tour.

Visitors have several options, including a blossom route but also a short water trip through Bokrijk. A third tour through the Bosland trees will be added later. Ardent cyclists can make a connection with their smart (home)trainer to have the full experience, i.e. they will see the landscape pass as they push the pedals, and they will have to push harder when going uphill (or go faster downhill).  

For the video, click on this link or watch the movie above.  

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