4,000 Belgian Moroccans are stuck in Morocco: "Don't blame Belgium"

Some 4,000 citizens with a double Moroccan-Belgian passport have filed a request with the Belgian authorities to be repatriated. However, it is not sure whether all of them will be able to return. 

The people happened to be in Morocco when the borders were closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Citizens with the Belgian nationality only have the right to return home, but those with a double nationality can't leave the country.

They will have to meet certain demands imposed by the Moroccan government if they want to return, says the Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin, since the Moroccan government is interpreting international rules in this respect very strictly. "Don't blame Belgium, because it is not us stopping you from coming back." 

Possible reasons for repatriation can have a social (children) or medical background, but applicants will have to prove this with the right documents. A document from a Belgian employer could also do the trick. 

Various citizens who are stuck in Morocco told VRT NWS that the uncertainty is terrible. The complain about a lack of information and don't know how long all of this will take. "This is a diplomatic issue and we don't understand what Morocco has to win by keeping us here against our will", says Najat, who had travelled to Morocco to adopt a dog. 

We don't understand what Morocco has to gain by keeping us here against our will

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