Jan Jambon: "We, policy makers, also make mistakes"

In a video address on social media, the Flemish PM Jan Jambon (N-VA) has responded to criticism about how the corona crisis is being handled. "We will learn from our mistakes."

While it's the federal government who is in the driving seat during this corona crisis, decisions are being taken in close cooperation with the experts and the local governments. The Flemish PM Jan Jambon was often to be seen in Flemish media explaining about the measures taken.

However, while the qituation is not an easy one, two recent decision triggered quite some criticism: the one to allow one designated visitor for each resident staying in a care home from now on, and the one to reopen garden centres and do-it-yourself stores. The latter, because it hadn't been clearly said which stores could open exactly - shop owners had to wait until Friday evening to find this out, while a possible reopening was scheduled for Saturday moring - and the former, because it was impossible for nursing home staff to cope with that, and because of the possible dangers. 

Jan Jambon has now looked back upon that, saying "I honestly admit it: we, as policy makers on the different levels, also make mistakes. Experts and politicians are also humans trying to do their utmost to counter this unprecedented crisis, day after day." He added: "Each day we try to find new solutions to get out of this crisis, and we will learn from our mistakes."

Jambon called on citizens to hold on, day after day. "If you see that the garden centre is too busy today, use your common sense and return home." 

Watch the address below:

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