Supermarket in Zulte introduces one-way traffic: "We noticed that social distancing was difficult"

A supermarket in Zulte, on the edge of East Flanders, has introduced "one-way traffic" in the long corridors between the shelves, in order to counter the outbreak of the corona virus. Not everyone has picked it up yet, but most customers find it a good idea.

The Mayor of Zulte, Simon Lagrange, made an appeal to his local stores to follow this proposal, as it turns out that many people seem to forget about social distancing once they have entered to supermarket. "It's a proposal, the shops are not obliged to do it, but we think it can have a positive effect. We hope the dealers will follow."

Kathy De Kocker, the manager of the store that picked up the Mayor's idea, says that "in practice, we saw that customers often come too close; people meet and stop for a chat, and at the same time a shop servant has to pass..."

When the VRT went for a visit, it turned out that different customers were going in the wrong direction, often as a result of old habits. Most of them support the idea, others find it exaggerated, especially when it's quiet in the shop.

Asked whether this is not a bridge too far, an older customer, Freddy Raveel, said: "That we can't choose our route? I am glad we can still walk altogether. If you are not able to walk anymore, it would be a lot worse." 

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