Telecommunication mast set ablaze in Pelt: possible connection with fake news about corona

Pelt (Limburg province) was the scene of a strange incident last night, when a telecommunications mast belonging to telecom operators Proximus was set ablaze. It was first said to be a 5G mast, but it turned out to be a "normal" mast. Still, suspicions about a deliberate attack connected to corona remain. 

There is a fake theory circulating on social media, claiming that the radiation from 5G masts can be linked to the corona virus. Experts underline that this is complete nonsense, but 5G masts have been set ablaze in the U.K. and the Netherlands since the corona outbreak.

If confirmed, that kind of attack would be a first for Belgium, but at present we don't know who did it and why. Police is investigating whether the suspect(s) may have fled to the Netherlands. However, no link can be established between the 5G attacks abroad and this one in Pelt at present. "But it is one of the options that is being investigated", says Anja De Schutter of the Limburg judicial authorities.

5G is the latest generation of wireless internet, to allow a super-strong and fast internet connection including for videos. Its possible impact on our health is still being investigated, but a possible link with the corona virus has never been established. 

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