At least 100 Belgian skiers join international lawsuit against Austrian ski resort

Over 4,500 skiers have launched a complaint against the regional authorities in Tirol, Austria. Among them are at least 100 Belgians. 

They claim Tirol did not take enough precaution measures at the start of the corona outbreak, as a result of which dozens of holiday makers caught the virus, also spreading it in their home country when they returned home.  

The initiative was taken by an Austrian consumers' organisation. Winter sport enthusiasts from 40 different countries joined; their number was at 4,542 yesterday. They claim that the Tirol government waited too long to take any measures to curb the corona virus, failing to warn holiday makers and to close the skiing areas.

"That is why Tirol, and Ischgl in particular, became a hotspot for the spreading of the novel corona virus in the whole of Europe", the official complaint states. 

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