Top striker Dzeko puts his shirt up for auction to help ... KV Oostende

KV Oostende are in dire straits for the moment: the financial situation of the top flight football club is not looking too well, but they received some help which they weren't really expecting. 

Edin Dzeko is a renowned Bosnian striker who plays for AS Roma. Dzeko played against AA Gent in the Europa League before the corona outbreak, and made a surprise announcement yesterday: he will put up the shirt from that match for auction, and the money will go to KV Oostende. 

While the money raised will not help KV Oostende to survive, the symbolic action may put KV Oostende in the spotlights, which may eventually lead to its survival. Dzeko is a good friend of KVO coach Adnan Custovic. The shirt was worth 300 euros on eBay yesterday, but the bidding will go on for another week.

KV Oostende are in financial trouble after business tycoon Marc Coucke left the club in a surprise move to Anderlecht. KV Oostende are now at loggerheads with their former president, including a conflict on the grandstand. 

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