First peregrine falcons of the season born in Brussels, to the experts' surprise

It's an annual tradition: the first images of peregrine falcons with their newly-borns in spring. However, this season the first offspring came very early. 

A number of webcams were installed in places where the falcons usually make their nest: high up in the Saint Michiels and Saint Goedele Cathedral in central Brussels, and in other places such as the Sint-Job Church in Ukkel. 

The couple in Ukkel has surprised experts: their chicks were born as early as Easter Monday. They can be followed via the webcam. Click here to see the footage. 

The couple that had been nesting in the Saint Goedele Cathedral since 2004 and that first made the news, has left the place. The female got injured when she was 17 years of age, and was found in Brussel. She received medical treatment, but could not be released again in the wild. Their place has been taken by another couple: the male was born in Anderlecht's Saint Guido Church in 2017 while the female hails from Frimmersdorf, where she lived in a cooling tower just east of Cologne in Germany. 

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