Number of corona patients in hospitals dips below 5,000 to reach three-week low

The national crisis centre has released the latest corona figures: 409 patients were discharged from hospital, compared to 265 being hospitalised. At the same time, 230 new deaths were reported. 

  • First the bad news: 230 new deaths were reported, a majority in care homes (154) and another 76 confirmed cases in hospital. This takes the total death toll to 5,683, with over half of the deaths being reported in care homes. Only 4 percent of the deaths in care homes concerns confirmed Covid-19 cases. 
  • The good news is that the number of corona patients keeps going down, to drop below 5,000 today. 409 patients were discharged from hospital. The number is now at 4,871, which is 198 down on the day, and the lowest since 31 March. 265 patients had to be taken to hospital.
  • 1,081 Covid-19 patients are staying in intensive care, a drop of 38 on the day. 781 of them need respiratory masks, which is 28 down on the day. 

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