3 years for Jamaican caught with 10.8kg of cocaine

The Criminal Court in Brussels has sentenced at Jamaican man to 36 months in prison after he was found guilty of the possession of 10.8kg of cocaine. The drugs were found in the man’s suitcase. The man’s defence team had asked that he be acquitted as they claimed that he didn’t know that the drugs were in his suitcase. However, the court dismissed this and he was found guilty. 

The Jamaican arrived at Brussels Airport on a flight from Montego Bay on 9 November 2019. His suitcase attracted the attention of customs officers as there were 14 packages that in the first instance appeared to contain food and coffee, but on further examination turned out to contain 10.8kg of cocaine.

The man claimed that the drugs were not in his suitcase when he left Jamaica and that he hadn’t noticed that his case was 10kg heavier when he arried at Zaventem. He was also unable to explain who ad booked his flight ticket nor why he had travel to Jamaica in May despite being in a debt mediation process.

The court ruled that it was impossible that the man couldn’t have been aware of the pressence of the drugs in his luggage. The man’s financial problems also made this all the more suspicious. The charges were considered proven and the man found guilty. He was convicted of drug smuggling and sentenced to 36 months in prison.