Fine weather: a plenty of sunshine all week until Saturday

It’s going to be another week of fine weather with no lack of sunshine. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere says that “It will be sunny a dry all through the working week”. This will no doubt give some of the many tens of thousands of us that are teleworking the chance to work from our balconies, terraces and gardens, if were are lucky enough to have outside space. 

If you do decide to work al fresco, it might be a good idea to not leave any loose papers lying around as “Today there will be a strong easterly to north-easterly wind”. Temperatures will reach between 20°C and 21°C.  

For those of you that like looking at the stars, Monday night will offer perfect conditions. "It will be clear star gazing weather tonight”, Frank Deboosere says."

Our weatherman adds that "We will have identically the same weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. The wind will die down a bit on Thursday and Friday, but it will remain sunny. There will be more cloud on Saturday and Sunday and there could be some localised showers. It will be 19°C”.

Fine weather or not the rules to help curb the spread of COVID-19 remain in force. Keep your distance from others and don’t go out walking or cycling with more than one person that doesn’t live under the same roof as you.