Jonas Hamers / ImageGlobe

Traffic jams down by a third in March

With much less traffic on the roads during the latter half of the month as a result of measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19 it comes as no surprise that levels of traffic congestion on Flemish roads fell considerably last month. The length of the longest traffic jams on weekdays fell by an average of one third during March. Furthermore the distance travelled by vehicles during March 2020 was down by 25% on the distance travelled by vehicles during March 2019. The figures come from the Flemish Traffic Centre. 

The longest traffic jam recorded on an average weekday in March 2020 was 88.35km, down from 148.16km in March 2019.  Vehicles spend around half the time stuck in jams last month than was the case in March last year.

The total distance travelled on Flemish roads also fell significantly from 65,942,744 km in March 2019 to 46,553,416 in March 2020.

Average traffic saturation levels on weekdays fell from 20.58% in February to 2.81% in March. In March last year traffic saturation levels stood at 23.75%. With less vehicles on the roads there were also fewer accidents. On an average working day in March 2019 there were 17.29 accidents. In March this year there were 12.82.