Window drawings create positive vibes in Ghent

Drawings have appeared on windows across Ghent in recent days.  The idea is to cheer cyclists and walkers up in these dark times. 

“I launched the project because I felt there was a need for more positive vibes in Ghent” says Hanne Deceuninck.  “Since corona measures were extended Ghent was missing something.  I hope the many beautiful works of art will make people happy.”

Reactions to the project have been incredible.  A score of artists immediately agreed to take part.

“It’s not limited to professional artists.  Everybody who enjoys drawing can draw on their window or on that of shops or crèches!” says Hanne. “The project has taken root beyond Ghent.  As far as I’m concerned this kind of art can embellish the whole of Flanders.”

Special walking and cycling routes have been drawn up to ensure you don’t miss a single artwork.  Log onto ‘Quarantekening’ on Instagram or Facebook. If you wish to take part add @quarantekening to your drawing so you are included.  Email any photos to or share photos on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #quarantekening.