COVID-19: deaths under 200 for second day in a row

The daily update from the Belgian crisis centre shows that 170 people died of COVID-19 on Monday.  89 patients passed away in hospital.  There were 80 deaths in care homes, while one person died elsewhere.

Monday’s figures take the death toll to 5,998.  Just over half of all deaths occurred in care homes for the elderly.

Belgium now has 40,956 confirmed cases of the disease.  973 new infections were reported on Monday.

172 people were hospitalised on Monday.  The figure is encouraging and has been under 200 for a number of days now.  

4,976 people are currently in hospital with COVID.  For the first time since 31 March the figure dropped under 5,000 on Sunday. Hospitalisations peaked on 6 April with 6,012 patients with COVID in a Belgian hospital bed.

1,079 patients are currently in a critical care bed.  The figure is up 8 on the day.  777 patients are on a ventilator – up 17 on Sunday.

107 patients were discharged from hospital on Monday.

Speaking at Tuesday’s news conference virologist Steven Van Gucht insisted that a 1.5 metre distance from an infected person was sufficient to keep the virus at bay: “The virus is transmitted in large droplets and we know from experience they don’t reach over a metre.  They fall to the ground very easily. The 1.5m social distancing adds a 50 cm buffer.  1.5m is a safe distance and can reduce the spread of the virus.”