20km/h speed limit in central Brussels

The City of Brussels is limiting vehicle speed to 20km/h in all streets inside the inner Brussels orbital ring road ‘Kleine Ring’.  The City is eager to transform this area into a residential area to give the people of Brussels more space during the corona crisis.

In a residential area pedestrians have priority and they may use the entire breadth of the street to move about.  Cyclists and motorised vehicles must stick to a 20km/h speed limit.

Pedestrians can cross where they wish and car and bus drivers must take account of this and moderate their speed.  Traffic lights will have amber flashing lights except where there is tram traffic.

City cabinet member Dhondt (Flemish green): “We are preparing for the time when strict rules are relaxed.  Physical distancing will be maintained for a while.  We want to ensure the people of Brussels can move about in safety in the centre. We want to encourage people to walk or cycle.”

Earlier the City of Brussels closed the Ter Kamerenbos Wood to traffic.

“We’ve noticed that a lot of people are benefiting from this measure and there is more space to enjoy” says Dhondt.

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