Care workers targeted with human excrement

Weird goings on in the ancient municipality of Oudenburg outside Ostend (West Flanders) where faeces have been smeared on the window of a car belonging to a health care worker.  It’s the second time this week that an incident like this has been reported.

“This must be the work of a sick joker” said Oudenburg mayor Anthony Dumarey when he was confronted with the news.

On Monday the cars of two Red Cross workers were discovered smeared with human faeces.  The cars had Red Cross stickers on the windscreen and these too were smeared. On Tuesday morning the car of a heath care worker working for the Damiaan Hospital in Ostend received the same treatment.  The sick individual must have identified the vehicle by the card lying under the front windscreen identifying its owner as a Damiaan Hospital staff member. All the car’s windows and handles had been smeared with human excrement.

Local police confirm that three vehicles have been attacked so far.  Police reports for vandalism have been drawn up and the matter is being investigated.