AZ Delta Roeselare

“Some patients haven’t seen a human face for weeks!”

Workers at the Academic Hospital Delta in Roeselare (West Flanders) have taken to sticking a photograph of themselves on their hospital apron.  With medical staff dressed in their protective kit some corona patients haven’t seen a human face for weeks.

Since Tuesday doctors, nurses and other staff at the critical care ward for corona patients at the Delta Hospital in Roeselare have been wearing aprons with their own photo on the front.  In this way patients can see who is behind the protective clothing and face mask.

Nurse Louis Van Slambrouck told VRT “It’s clear this is giving people a boost! Some patients have been in hospital for weeks.  Many of them have only seen masks, goggles and protective suits.  We see their faces but they can read very little emotion from ours.  We like to have a laugh to give them a boost, but unfortunately they can’t see it.”

“This is why we decided to stick photos of ourselves on our aprons.  In this way the patients can at least see who is behind the suit.  We chose photos of us with a smile.  A smile is a positive sign and in this way we hope to bring the human touch back to our ward.  Reactions from patients have been very positive.”

“The photos have been laminated so they can easily be washed and disinfected.  It’s a positive and safe initiative for everybody.”

AZ Delta Roeselare

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