Hilde De Windt

Belgians have been eating more healthily since the start of the COVID-19 crisis

According to a survey carried out by the market research bureau GfK, the COVID-19 crisis has had a positive impact on our diets. Belgians are now cooking more at home and we are eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, those of us with gardens are working more in them than was the case before the start of the lockdown almost 6 weeks ago. 

The Coronavirus Consumer Pulse Study reveals that since the start of the crisis around half of us are dedicating less of our time to work, including the time we spend getting to and from the workplace. This leaves us with more free time for other activities. The study says that not only are we using this times to watch more TV or to surf the web or play computers, but were are also engaging more in activities conducive to a healthier lifestyle. We are cooking more and getting closer to nature by working in our gardens, walking or cycling.

According to the survey that was carried out during the first two weeks of the lockdown, 96% of Belgians had cooked at least some meals from scratch (up by 33 percentage points). 20 fewer ready meals had been consumed during the same period.  

Meanwhile, around a quarter of those surveyed said that they had eaten more fresh fruit and vegetables that was previously the case. Of these 80% say that they intend to continue eating more fresh fruit and veg during the coming weeks.