Kurt Desplenter

De Lijn’s boss calls for mouth masks to be made mandatory on public transport

The Director General of the Flemish public transport company De Lijn Roger Kesteloot has told VRT News that if it is up to him mouth masks will be made compulsory for those wishing to travel on public transport in the coming months. 

Once the school re-open and more people start travelling to their places of work again rather than working from home, the number of passengers using public transports will increase sharply. Maintaining social distancing of 1.5 metres will probably become impossible. Mr Kesteloot says that if this is the case mouth masks will create a safer environment for passengers and for De Lijn’s staff.

Mr Kesteloot told VRT News that "We expect that the authorities will make them mandatory and won’t just only recommend them. Because this would lead to endless discussion between individual passengers and between passengers and drivers and this is something we don’t want”.

"We also want the authorities to ensure that people can either make mouth masks themselves or that people are provided with them”.

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