Draft proposals to relax corona measures leaked

The Francophone daily Le Soir has published details of proposals for a relaxation of corona measures.  The document was drawn up by the GEES Group of Experts preparing the Exit Strategy.

If the government follows the experts’ proposals on Friday a number of types of shop could reopen as early as 4 May, if certain conditions are met.  Stores listed include garages – only for urgent repairs - as well as bike shops.  Restrictions on certain outdoor activities including angling and tennis could be relaxed.

Under the proposals visits to family and close friends could once again become possible.  Groups would be limited to ten people tops and you would always have to visit the same people.

The document mentions 18 May as the date for the reopening of primary schools.  The Flemish education sector has already agreed on 15 May but that still needs to be endorsed.

Any decision will be taken on Friday by the Belgian Security Council that groups the federal and devolved governments.

Marc Van Ranst, virologist and GEES member is incandescent: “It’s greatly to be regretted that a draft proposal is now circulating.  It’s been leaked by the people that want to see this operation go pear-shaped.  This leak does not come from the groups of experts.  I’d put my hand in fire to prove that.  This document has been shared with politicians and now appears in a Francophone newspaper.   It’s extremely irresponsible.  We won’t be responding.”