“No, these aren’t flying saucers, they are Elon Musk’s satellites!”

There has been a surge in reports of flying saucers in Belgium.  The official UFO monitoring service has already looked at 241 reports so far this year.  In the whole of 2020 no more than 270 reports were filed.

Frederick Delaere of the Belgian UFO monitoring service there is a simple answer to the increase in reports.  More and more people are spotting satellites. Last weekend alone 70 reports flooded in.

Frederick Delaere isn’t surprised: “These observations are linked to Elon Musk’s space project.  His SpaceX firm wants to put 12,000 satellites in a path around the earth.  The satellites are being launched in sets of sixty.  Last weekend such a group was launched.”

“When they are launched satellites follow each other in a straight line.  People who don’t know what they are and report them to us.”

Had you looked to the skies last night you would have had a good chance of seeing one or more. 

“Sixty new satellites were being launched.  Between 9:30 PM and 10PM they passed over Belgium” Mr Delaere adds.

The surge in reports is also being linked to the fact many people have more time on their hands and are looking up at the sky!

If you are not seeing a satellite, you may be looking at the planet Venus that has been very visible in the sky in recent days.

“Stars are few and far between and then there’s a temptation to think you’ve spotted a flying saucer when you see a solitary ball of light in the night sky.”

If you believe you spotted a real UFO, don’t neglect to report it via the website