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Limburg police officers fined for flouting lockdown rules

Two police officers from Limburg Province have been fined after they attended a birthday celebration in the garden of friend. Under the lockdown regulations all gatherings, be they in public places or in private individuals’ homes are strictly forbidden. 

The friend was celebrating her 40th birthday and her friends, three couples hat included the police officers, wanted to surprise her. The woman would normally have organised a big party to celebrate her birthday. However, she had been forced to cancel it due to the lockdown. Instead her friends went to her garden to wish her all the best. An alert neighbour contacted Borgloon Police.

When they arrived the police found three couples in the garden of the house. They included a police officer that works for the local police in Hasselt and a Federal Police Service Chief Inspector.   

The Mayor of Alken where the incident took place Marc Penxten (Flemish nationalist) told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “This should not have happened. I am disappointed and they will be disciplined. They have already been fined and the Judicial Authorities will be looking into this”.