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The country’s first wooden skyscraper to be built in Antwerp

The first ever block of flats to be constructed from wood will be built in the Nieuw Zuid area of Antwerp from the end of 2022. The building has been designed by the celebrated Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Shigeru Ban is known the world over for his wooden construction designs. The wood used by the Japanese architect is more energy efficient, ecologically sustainable and has a higher level of fire safety than steel. 

The wooden skyscraper planned for the Nieuw Zuid area of Antwerp will consist of several wings, the highest of which will be 24 stories high.

The wood used in the construction of the building will be treated with products making it more resistant to fire. Roel Wouters of the Triple Living property development company that is behind the construction of the building told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that test will be carried out to see how the spread of fire can be limited, in order to improve fire safety still further.

For safety reasons the heart of the building that for example contains the lifts and the stairs will be constructed in concrete. The building should take around two years to construct. 

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