Jonas Roosens

4.3% of Belgians have antibodies against coronavirus

According to figures released by the Belgian Health Institute Sciensano 4.3% of Belgians have anti-bodies against the coronavirus. The figures are based on blood collected from blood donors by the Flemish Red Cross and the Francophone Belgian Red Cross’ blood donation service in mid-April. 

Those that have anti-bodies have already been infected with the coronavirus and are temporarily at least immune from further infection. In Flanders a percentage of 4.1% of blood donors with anti-bodies was recorded on 14 April.

This is almost double the figure of 2.1% that was recorded in samples taken on 30 March. The 1,327 blood samples that were tested come from a representative cross section of the Belgian population.

The researcher that carried out the blood tests said in a press statement that "Slowly but surely herd immunity is building. However, as things stand it is still low".

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