Still uncertain whether all 1st, 2nd and 6th year classes will be able to restart

Schools across Flanders are currently looking into how and indeed if they will be able to implement the measures contained in the plans for the partial reopening of primary and secondary education in our region in three weeks’ time. Marianne Coopman of the Christian Education Union COV has told VRT News that this will be challenging to say the least. 

“There is no lack of enthusiasm. Teachers want to see their pupils back at school again. However, you must be able to put this into practise. There are limits to the amount of space and the number of teachers. This will decide what is possible”.

This means that it is still not 100% certain that all first, second and sixth year pupils will be able to return to class in all Flemish primary schools. Priority will be given to the sixth year, followed by first year classes. Only if these can be accommodated will second year primary school pupils be able to return to school.

In addition to the partial reopening of classes, schools will also still have to provide online pre-teaching for pupils in classes that are not yet able to return to school. Staff are also expected to provide child care for the school age children of those that that work outside the home and have no other child care options.

"If all three missions are to be accomplished properly, you need to ensure that they are done well. This means that choices will need to be made. Maybe you will have to leave a group of pupils at home for longer and provide them with pre-teaching”, Ms Coopman told VRT News.