Sioen and Deltrian to make the filters for Belgian mouth masks

The Federal Government has awarded the contract to manufacture the filter material for the mouth masks that will be distributed to all residents of the country to Sioen Industries in Ardooie (West Flanders) and Deltrian in Fleurus (Hainaut). The news first appeared on the website of in the financial daily ‘De Tijd’ and has since been confirmed by the press agency Belga.  

Sioen will produce 6 million filters in a contract worth 1.5 million euro at its factory in Ardooie. Sioen’s CFO Geert Asselman told journalists “Last Friday we received a request from the authorities to produce the filter material. We started production straight away on Saturday”.

Mr Asselman added that production of the filters is advancing quickly. The filters will be distributed to the population for use in fabric mouth masks. The distribution of the fabric filters will get under way on 4 May. 

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