Transport organisation VAB wants cycle shops to be able to reopen on 4 May

The transport organisation VAB wants the authorities to allow shops that sell bicycles to reopen on 4 May rather than 11 May, the date that has been given for the reopening of all other shops selling non-essential goods. 

In a press statement released on Monday morning VAB said “During the corona crisis a large number of Fleming have switched from using their cars to cycling and it would be good to encourage this further so that more will opt to use their bikes for their daily commute. However, to do this a good and well maintained bike is required”.

"For safety reasons public transport is not an option as an alternative to the car for most people. This begs the question of what the 12% of people that normally go to work on public transport will do”.

"A lot of people have a city bikes that they don’t use much and is not always well maintained. This means that it might breakdown more easily if it is used more than usual for the daily commute".

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