“Use corona crisis to make bars profitable again!”

Antwerp pub landlord Jelle Helleman has written an open letter to his fellow publicans.  He argues that Belgian bars have been in trouble for years and that the corona crisis offers an opportunity to do something about it!

“My appeal has nothing to do with the corona crisis” says Jelle, who runs three pubs in Antwerp.  We need to put up the price of beer after the corona crisis because it can’t continue like this.  Before the lockdown a beer cost 2.20 euros.  That’s not a healthy price and won’t cover all the costs.  A beer should cost 2.50 euros.  That looks more like the price they charge abroad.”

Jelle insists that the profitability of bars has never been more important than now and in forthcoming days when cafés will reopen.

“We made punters used to prices that were too low.  Everything got more expensive, but bars didn’t follow.  2.50 euros is a lot for a beer, but I see Flemings order a glass of cava for 5 euros without even blinking, when it’s not always top quality!”  

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