40km of corona cycle paths in Brussels immediately

The Region of Brussels has plans for 40 extra kilometres of cycling paths.  The paths are envisaged as a way of easing pressure on public transport as part of the exit strategy from the corona crisis.

Brussels mobility minister Van den Brandt (Flemish green): “Research shows that many commuters wish to switch from public transport to the bike if there is sufficient infrastructure.  We want to respond to this in a positive way and have immediate plans for 40 km of extra cycle path.  We are urging the people of Brussels to get on their bike.”

Entry roads into Brussels and central traffic arteries are the main focus: the Wetstraat, the Louizalaan and the Keizer Karellaan will all lose lanes and/or parking space to create new cycle paths.  Some will be permanent, others temporary.

“Cycle corridors will connect existing cycle paths and ensure that commuters from Flanders and Wallonia can reach Brussels safely” explains Van den Brandt.

Cycle paths are planned on the General Jacqueslaan, the Reyerslaan and the Congolaan.

“This phase of the exit strategy places us in front of great challenges.  Radical decisions are needed to ensure everybody can move about in safety and at sufficient distance from one another.”

In an open letter minister Van den Brandt calls on the people of Brussels to show solidarity and to walk or cycle, if possible.

“Leave public transport for those who really need it.  If you are healthy and fit and the distance isn’t too far, use your bike.   In this way the city won’t be gridlocked when schools, shops and businesses reopen. We will supply the necessary infrastructure in the meantime.

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