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“Line of coke remains popular in corona times”

“Last week we found 4.1 tons of cocaine in a hangar in the Port of Antwerp.  It was a large amount that consisted of several smaller shipments that had been brought together in the hangar.  Things like this are only possible if the demand is still there. Our impression is that the corona crisis hasn’t formed a watershed for drug trafficking in Antwerp” says Kristof Aerts of Antwerp prosecutors.

“We‘ve noticed that Antwerp’s drug trade hasn’t suffered from the corona crisis, but more street dealers are appearing before a judge than before the lockdown. There are various reasons for this rise.  Many dealers had supplies they still needed to offload.   People dealing drugs out on the street are very noticeable because it’s so calm.  The dealers we encounter often have larger quantities on their person.   They are trying to limit journeys, but are running greater risk.  It’s a good thing for us.  We can prove far more easily they are dealing and it’s not simply a case of possession.

Drug traffickers are also being incredibly creative.  Some drug dealers park their car at the border and cross on foot returning with a parcel of cannabis.  Local police are on the look-out.  In Antwerp too drug teams have their work cut out for them with new dossiers arriving every day!

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