More lessons at school for more years by 29 May?

Talks between Flemish education minister Ben Weyts (Flemish nationalist), the schools’ networks and the unions have opened the way for a possible restart of 2nd and 4th year classes in Flemish secondary schools as early as 29 May.

On 15 May Flemish schools reopen and pupils in the first, second and sixth year of primary and the sixth and seventh year of secondary will be taught at school, at least partially.  The restart will be evaluated on 22 May.  A positive evaluation could lead to more years of secondary also being restarted with up to two days of lessons at school a week.

The talks agreed several relaxations.  Classes may now have up to 14 pupils per class (up from 10).  This means all classes will only have to be split once.

If pupils and students maintain sufficient distance – Plexiglas screens can also be used – teachers won’t have to wear mouth masks.  Schools will be able to decide for themselves on how many days lessons are taught.  Teachers may teach one half of the class in the mornings, the other half in the afternoon.

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