Are you suffering from corona fatigue? 6 out of 10 have mouth masks at home

The weekly corona survey conducted by Antwerp University has revealed that 60% of people in this country have a mouth mask ready to use when this becomes compulsory on public transport on Monday.  There are also indications corona fatigue is on the up.

33% of respondents have ordered mouth masks or plan to do so.  Nearly a quarter of people will be making their own.  13% are counting on local social services.  The older people are, the higher the chance they will have a mouth and nose covering in the home.  Interestingly, people with the highest type of diploma (who followed advanced and/or university education) are most reluctant to cover up!   

Ghent University’s motivational barometer revealed that more and more people in this country are suffering from corona fatigue.  This is confirmed by the research up in Antwerp: 120,000 people took part in Tuesday’s online survey, but 10,000 failed to get to the end of the questionnaire.

“The number of people coming forward to fill in the survey is diminishing as the crisis drags on.  Still a survey filled in by 120,000 people provides relevant information” says researcher Koen Pepermans.

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