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Bruges jailbirds reach out to seniors locked in care homes

The corona crisis may be keeping many people apart, it’s also bringing some unexpected persons together! Jailbirds in Bruges penitentiary have been writing and sending cards to seniors locked in Flemish care homes since 11 March.  The inmates of Bruges Prison intend to keep on writing until seniors are no longer incarcerated for their own safety.

Prisoners have been equipped with paper and glue and will call on their own inspiration to come up with a message for seniors, who haven’t had any physical contact with friends and family for many long weeks.  So far the jailbirds have dispatched hundreds of cards to care homes.

Sadly perhaps, but the prisoners will remain anonymous to the seniors, who receive their good wishes. The prison authorities are wary of prisoners striking up new friendships with people who may be vulnerable.

“Prisoners do not live apart from reality and their heart is in the right place” says Kathleen De Vijver of Bruges Prison.

The corona crisis is keeping Bruges prison pretty busy. Elsewhere in the jail inmates, who have been interned as a result of psychiatric issues and are receiving care, are producing mouth masks for other prisoners.

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