De Lijn

Bus drivers sound their horns for “corona heroes” in Ostend

Drivers from the Flemish public transport company De Lijn’s Ostend depot drove in convoy through the streets of the West Flemish coastal city to pay home to others that like themselves have carried out working during these difficult times. Sounding their horns as they went the drivers passed by fire stations, police stations hospitals and care homes. 

One of those behind the initiative Bianca Bouttry told VRT News that it had also been the intention to thank those that work in supermarkets. However as today (1 May) is Labour Day the supermarkets are closed.

The convoy of busses passed by the AZ Damiaan and AZ Sint-Jan hospitals, police and fire stations and the Sint-Jan and Sint-Monica care homes.

“We couldn’t pass by all the care homes in Ostend as there are ten in total. But our heart is with them all”, Ms Bouttry was keen to stress.  

When the busses passed the fire station, fire fighters were ready to repay the compliment by sounding their sirens.

Later, the convoy moved on to the bus stops outside Ostend railway station where the drivers thank their colleagues that were working today to ensure that that there are buses in the Ostend area on Labour Day. 

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