Mayor of Limburg town of Sint-Truiden’s partner discharged from hospital after almost 7 weeks

The Mayor of the Limburg town of Sint-Truiden Veerle Heeren (Christian democrat) has been reunited with her partner he had been hospitalised with COVID-19 for 47 days. Ms Heeren’s partner was admitted to hospital in mid-March and spend a time in a coma on the intensive care ward of a local hospital. 

In a message posted on the social media platform Facebook, Ms Heeren expressed her gratitude to the doctors and other health care professionals for the work they had done in caring for her partner.

“I am enormously grateful to all the fantastic doctors and nursing staff that provided him with the very best care. We are among the lucky ones  and we realise this only too well. I would like to offer my encouragement to all the families of those that are fighting (against the virus)”

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