200 Moroccan Belgians fly into Zaventem

A couple of hundred Moroccan Belgians, who had been stuck in Morocco for many weeks, have arrived at Brussels Airport.  The passengers all have dual Belgian and Moroccan nationality and as Moroccan nationals had been banned from leaving the country and were unable to travel.

Belgium has strong ties with Morocco with around a half a million people of Moroccan heritage in Belgium.  Moroccans are one of the largest immigrant communities in the country and many Moroccans immigrated to Belgium when it faced a labour shortage in the Sixties and Seventies.

Large numbers of Moroccan Belgians had travelled to Morocco ahead of the Easter break and when borders were closed due to the corona outbreak were stranded overseas.

Morocco has now relaxed its travel ban for dual nationals and is allowing Moroccans with dual nationality to travel abroad once again.

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