Antwerp University Hospital to test all patients for COVID-19 before hospitalisation or appointment

Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) intends to screen patients at home before they travel to the hospital for an appointment to ensure they are corona negative. As many patients as possible will have to take a corona test before they go to the UZA.

“We want to ensure the safety of patients and staff throughout the hospital process” says medical director Guy Hans.  “This is why we wish to have current information on everybody’s COVID-19 status.”

To achieve its goal the hospital has set up a pilot project together with a home nursing organisation.  Home nurses are trained in various techniques to take patient samples.

“Three days before planned hospitalisation patients will receive a call in order to set up an appointment for the test.  In this way we will know whether or not patients are infected on the afternoon before the hospitalisation.”

”This won’t be straight forward when we are dealing with urgent intake.  Patients attending a consultation will have to fill in a questionnaire online beforehand.”

“Depending on the result patients will be handed a different QR code that they can have scanned when they arrive.  Patients with a green code will pass through the triage point smoothly.  Orange codes face extra questions, while reds end up in a separate waiting room, where team members take them to their consultation.”

The hospital’s aim is to ensure that no patients enter the UZA without a test. 

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